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>Photo Assignment #4

>I’m on a roll with these photo assignments, I’ll tell ya! Such great suggestions, it’s hard not to spend all my time working on them!

Tonight I’m featuring two “challengers” – sethsgal05 and shanana77. Both had some suggestions that will have to wait until I’m free during the daylight hours, so for now I’ll post the indoor shots!

sethsgal05 – “any cool things you brought back from your honeymoon”

My cool thing of choice was the gorgeous bracelet we bought in Istanbul…

shanana77 – “photographing food? sort of edward weston-esque style? like fruits, veggies, etc.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried to emulate Weston in the past, and I just can’t come close to his awesomeness! I’ll blame it on the reduced tonal range of my digital camera vs. his film. 😉

Here are some lovely parsnips, in a quasi-Weston style. I noticed that most of his food photos seemed to mirror the look and feel of his nudes, so I attempted to do something similar. Such sexy veggies!

and the final assignment of the evening…

shanana77 – “reflections of things in puddles, etc.”

I took that “etc.” for all it was worth and used a pan full of water instead of a puddle, so I could get a shot indoors using artificial light. I partially desaturated the image, and I like it. I particularly like the translucency of the petals.

As always, check out the galleries! Art makes a great Christmas gift! (*nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*)

>Photo Assignment #4

>I actually got a chance this weekend to take the last 2 photos Alicia (a.k.a. asf619) had ideas for! Without further ado, here they are:

“Piano keys or even a computer’s keyboard?”

Since we don’t have a piano, I took a photo of my somewhat dusty computer keyboard.

Next up – “Your husband’s shadow coming through a doorway, as lit from another room?”

This one was a little tough, since the doorway configuration in our apartment is kind of tight, but I like how it came out. I also have one where his shadow looks like a wierd alien robot, but I decided not to embarass him by posting it!

Enjoy, please feel free to post comments about the photos or to suggest new ideas. Don’t forget to check out the galleries! A new photo was added today.

Since my website contact form hasn’t been working since we switched servers, I’ve added a different way to get in touch with me.

>Photo Assignment #3

>Alrighty, today we’ve got photo ideas from Alicia (a.k.a. asf619) – I picked 3 of the 5 ideas she gave me to focus on this afternoon. I will hopefully get to the other 2 tomorrow!

“The pages of a well-read book”

This one was my favorite to work on of her suggestions – and I came up with two photos that I coudn’t decide between, so I’m posting them both. I wanted to focus on the pages themselves, since that was specifically mentioned, and I wanted the books to remain anonymous. Here are the results (in the first photo I flipped the pages as the shutter went off, to get the blurred effect):


Next – “a radiator or heating register/vents”

Our apartment has very normal and boring heating vents – but like they say, anything can be a picture! (Who are “they” anyway?) What I ended up with was this wierd and very high contrast abstract image. I kinda like it.

And finally… “A candle’s flickering flame”

This one came out much differently than I expected. Instead of seeing the movement of the candle flame as it flickers, sort of like in the first book pages photo, the flame took on a different shape entirely. I think this is because a candle flame is actually light – not an object reflecting light. I kept this one kind of simple.

That’s all for today! Check back tomorrow!

>Photo Assignment #2

>The last two suggestions from Chris:

“2. Oil stains on the driveway”

Unfortunately I couldn’t do this one – I looked in my driveway and wandered around the neighborhood peeking into parking lots and there were no oil stains to be found! I guess this means that cars in my area are properly maintained? I will keep an eye out for future opportunities. Sorry about that!

EDIT: Since I could do driveway oil, here’s a photo of cooking oil/water/foodcoloring in a bowl, not quite the same but still fun.

“3. fresh fruit next to rotted fruit or some other contrast picture like that”

I didn’t feel like waiting for my fruit to rot (especially with company coming this weekend), but I did do a contrast picture involving fruit… I even messed around with some post-processing effects, just for something different. Here tis:

Keep the suggestions coming!

>Photo Assignment #1

>Some great suggestions are rolling in – here’s my attempt at the first. It’s one of the three my cousin Chris thought of – I haven’t been able to try his other two challenges yet, mostly due to lack of supplies and daylight. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get to those.

For now…

“1. one of those infinite reflection photos ( the kind with two mirrors showing reflection in a reflection in a reflection)”

It was nearly impossible to get this kind of shot without my camera being in the photo! I wanted to avoid that, since it seemed like the easy way out of what was supposed to be a challenge. I also had a shortage of objects to reflect that would have any real meaning when seen a zillion times. The photo on the left is what I came up with – I figure at least the hands have a human connection, literally and figuratively. It was a great “assignment” – I got so into it I nearly missed LOST!