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>Happy 2007!

>Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. Welcome to 2007! Big things are in store here at D. S. Brennan Photography this year, starting with the Picture Perfect Evening Gala on February 10. In a few minutes I’ll be posting my newest set of images in the experimental gallery – digital photograms! I’m planning to offer these for sale as prints on canvas, but for now they’ll be a special order item so contact me if you’re interested in one!

Aaron Johnson (the genius behind What the Duck) has a particularly amusing comic strip to start out the new year – enjoy!


>After about 8 years of wanting to go photograph some old mills in Rhode Island, I finally got the chance today – perfect light, too.

>New Photography Fun & Games

>So obviously I couldn’t stay away for my whole “vacation” 😛

But, I’m just starting to play with a new technique and it is too fun not to share! Just tonight I started experimenting with ways to make a photogram (see description here) using digital means. Tonight’s experiments involved a extremely bright metal halide lamp, an old scanner, and some flower petals. I am intrigued by the results and will post more details on the technique once I get it honed down. I’m going to try a few other methods, so we’ll see what comes of it all.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!


>Just wanted to let everyone know that, in the interest of my sanity, I’ll be taking a “vacation” from the website/blog for the holidays, but will start up with new posts and assignments after New Years. I will still be processing print orders, but my response time might be a little slower than usual.

Also, regarding assignments – all good projects must come to and end and this one is no exception. For any of you who’ve been procrastinating on giving me challenges, now’s your chance to get them in! After December 31st I will no longer be accepting new challenges. All those that have come in already will be completed, so hang on there if I haven’t gotten to yours yet!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Holiday season!

– Diana