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>At the Zoo-oo

>Aside from having a Simon & Garfunkel song stuck in my head, I have exciting news. I had a fabulous time taking photos this morning at Roger Williams Park Carousel for up-and-coming children’s author Marcia Maynard. She’s writing an article on how carousels work and needed some shots of the gears and other inner workings. After finishing up that “assignment” I spent some time (ok, hours) photographing the carousel as a whole. I’ll be bringing proofs up to show the carousel’s owner soon, he plans on buying some prints and hanging them as part of a permanent display in the carousel building! He’s going to include my contact information along with the prints, which is really nice.

So, in celebration I offer you this sneak peek! Once the photos have been installed at the carousel I’ll let you all know so that you can go check them out and enjoy the carousel, park, and zoo while you’re there!

>Photo Assignment #9

>Three assignments to share tonight, from three different people! I wish I had my camera when leaving work today – there were some really neat fog photos I could have taken. I hope you enjoy these even though they’re not foggy!

From Reebs_RI – “RI is known as the ocean state – why not incorporate water into some pics.” Why not indeed. It was very cold and windy by the shore today but lovely nonetheless.

Next we have another challenge from my best bud Amber – “taking pictures from a baby/toddler’s perspective, seeing the world from lower down than we do as ‘grownups’.” I remembered playing under the table when I was little,not quite toddler little but close enough, so I crawled under there and saw some interesting things going on. I think these shapes the chairs made would appeal to toddlers, don’t you?

And finally, a suggestion from my dad – “I’ve always been fascinated by light and glass, especially against black or neutral backgrounds.” I think glass is mighty cool too. Love the tones in there.

The last image is a HDR (High Dynamic Range) image – I used three different exposures to get an increased tonal range. Wanna read an explanation of the technique? Check this out.

>Photo Assignment #8

>Ok, I finally have a couple of assignments for you! Sorry it’s taken so long. Tonight’s featured challengers are sethsgal05 and my best friend Amber.

Sethsgal05 suggested a photo “either looking into or out of a window at an interesting angle”. I’ve been trying to get a good shot during the day for this one but it hasn’t happened yet, so I tried something a little different and “looked out” of the window to see the reflection of my husband surfin’ the net. The layers are interesting because some of the objects that show up in the photo are actually outside, though most of them are reflections of the inside scene.

Next up is Amber’s suggestion “How about a picture of leaves in various stages of decay? Maybe you could get a really cool one of a neatly skeletonized one! Or it could be a picture of a bunch of different leaves, arranged all decoratively of course! Or maybe I just like leaves.” This was a nicely broad leaf statement and allowed me lots of leeway 🙂 I chose the “a bunch of different leaves, arranged all decoratively” option. And of course, it ended up as a semi-abstract image.

Hope you like them, and I hope to be more on task now that I’m feeling better and Thanksgiving is over!

Have a great night.

>Assignment Slacker

>Hi all. Just wanted to apologize for not having any new assignments up in the past few days. I’ve had a bad cold and haven’t had much energy to spare. I’m on the mend now, though, so after the holiday weekend I should have some new stuff up!

In the meantime, here’s another shot from Roger Williams Park to tide you over:

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving. My family has a tradition of going around the table and saying something we’re thankful for. So, if you want to post a comment with something you’re thankful for this year, feel free! I’m thankful for two healthy new nephews and a wonderful first year of marriage.

Enjoy your day!

– Diana

>Photo Assignment #7

>I had a fabulous time photo-taking today and managed to crank out four assignments! Great ideas to work on, as always.

Firstly, an idea from sethsgal05 – “the bare branches of trees”

I liked the simplicity of this one and the soothing, calming colors. If you look closely, there’s a kite string tangled up in there, too, as a little detail:

Next, two of Reebs_RI’s ideas – she gave me a great excuse to go to the zoo! “Roger Williams Zoo would also lend itself to some awesome pics.”

This might sound odd, but I really liked the zebra butts. Photogenically speaking, of course – neat patterns and all. But the one I chose to post here was of the flamingos, gotta love the semi-abstractness 🙂

Next up from Reebs_RI – “the park just outside the zoo gates – well you could go nuts.” You can and I totally did! Very hard to decide but I ended up going with this simple photo of lamposts behind the Casino:

And finally for this evening, an idea from my best friend Amber “taking pictures of things from below.” I meant to do this one indoors during an evening, but the lighting didn’t pan out and there aren’t many interesting undersides of things around my house. So, this one is of the gazebo behind the Casino at Roger Williams Park, straight up (now tell me…)!

Hope you enjoy. I am very tired (thus the poor jokes) and am off to bed!