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The Wild Maine Coast is Calling

I’ve just returned from the northern reaches of coastal Maine, filled with memories of campfire smoke, dawn light, and fog.  How important it is to unplug sometime and reconnect with the life and people around you.  Those sorts of times can never truly be captured, but so many books and poems and songs have tried.  Here’s my attempt to share the experience through photographs.  I hope it brings a little magic to your day.

Old Pine by Ben Howard on Grooveshark









Throwback Thursday (#TBT) Newfoundland 2012

Last week, I delved into my archives, so I could practice a new editing technique on some older photographs.  I loved the way the new effect brought out the drama and grandeur of these shots, from our trip to Newfoundland in the summer of 2012.  Editing “old” images brought back plenty of fond memories of the trip – eating lots of fish, doing lots of hiking, and spending lots of time on or near the water.  I was inspired to share a little Throwback Thursday style post as a result.

Take a look at some of your photos from 2012 – what great memories come flooding back?

Western Brook Pond Waterfall Bonne Bay Coast Overlooking Rocky Harbour Shag Cliff


Oh the sea, the sea, the sea.

Spring has finally arrived, and there was no better way to celebrate it than visiting the beach over the weekend. Warm sun, chilly breezes, and the sound of salt water upon the sand. Soaking in the bliss of saying hello to the sea.

Oh, The SeaBlue Water Clear Water