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First Taste of Winter – Iceland

With the snow piling up (again) around us in New England, most people are looking ahead to Springtime.  It’s definitely time to get fresh flowers and play sunshine-drenched music.  I’m not tired of winter yet, though.  The seasons always happen in their due course.  I’m loving the white purity of the light and the soft fall of the snowflakes.

Today I looked back at my first taste of winter this year.  In September, in Iceland, the year is already turning toward the cold and snow.  And it is beautiful.

Taste of Winter - Iceland

Winter Wanderlust, Scotland Style

This time of year, with winter entrenched and snow on the ground, I start to develop a serious case of wanderlust.  Today I’m appeasing my desire to travel by looking back at some images from this year’s trip to Scotland.  I think it is the memory of that light, the incredibly pure and rich glow of the Scottish highlands, that is fueling my wanderlust today.

Scotland Wanderlust Scotland Wanderlust