Meet the Artist

Hello and welcome, I’m Diana.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island, a landscape of woodlands and shorelines. I discovered my passion for art photography in high school, when I took my first black and white photography class.  The magic of creating beautiful images through the lens of a camera captivated me completely.

I went on to study Environmental Science at the University of Rhode Island, and the beauty of the natural world became intermingled with scientific knowledge and a sense of responsibility for the earth.  In between my studies of botany and wildlife, I took photography courses whenever I could.

In early 2006, D. S. Brennan Photography was born.  I now take great joy in capturing the natural world in a way that combines art with science, whether that be a specimen from a natural history museum or the wetland ecosystems along the coastline of Rhode Island.  I hope my art can help create tranquil spaces in homes and offices, while at the same time reminding us of how precious our natural world is.  You can learn more about my artwork here.

I would so love to meet you in person – get the newsletter if you’d like to find out about upcoming events where you can “meet the artist”.


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